The Bees Waggle Kid’s Club


The Bees Waggle invites you to join us in learning about pollinators this summer! Learn what pollination is; how we benefit from pollination; who the pollinators are; and finally, how can we be good stewards of our pollinating friends!  All of these lessons are packed into one fantastic journal for kids!

My Pollinator Hero Journal Cover

Front and back of the journal cover

The pages are filled with information about pollinators, and how everything related to pollination fits together in a web of survival, on which we depend.  It’s an excellent learning tool for youngsters of elementary age.

Another exciting element of our journal includes pages for conducting observational studies in your own yards.  Kids are encouraged to write, draw, or take photographs of the pollinators they find in their own yard.

You can purchase one here.

Cheers to joining the movement!