IMG_9158Welcome to The Bees Waggle!  This is a business which has been created with the mission to help save bees, as well as other important pollinators. Pollination is crucial for our survival as every third bite has been provided by pollination, and 70% of all produce requires pollination to exist.  If pollinators are in trouble, so are we!  We need to do what we can to change this  course of destruction.  It begins with the individual making environmentally responsible choices.  Over time our children will learn and form those habits, which they will then teach their children, and so it will go down through generations, leading to salvaged species, as well as a salvaged planet.  We invite you to waggle like a bee, showing your friends and family how to make a difference, and join the movement!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Betsy Goldstein says:

    Hey Jessica, I saw your kids summer journal program. do you think you may do a all day hands on class or 2 for kids? If so I’ll sign up the kids I know others who may be interested. : )

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    • thebeeswaggle says:

      Hi Betsy! I may consider doing an all day class for kids, but I haven’t considered getting it together for this season. I will do some thinking about locations and potential class sizes too, and maybe we can do one mid-summer or even late summer. Thanks for your interest! And thank you for the bee tote…I love it!


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