Plant it Forward


Our yards are a platform for change. Flipping them from grass to native scapes enhances many aspects of life. It helps wildlife live and traverse the landscape that is now inundated with human developments. It provides a space for us to unwind from the constant race we choose to live in on a daily basis. It makes what was once a dull, lifeless canvas, into a vibrant space filled with color and biodiverse activity. It influences others to do the same. This is what we all need, and as landowners, we can flip this landscape on behalf of wildlife as well as ourselves. Even a small plot makes a difference, and has immediate rewards, because wildlife is desperately searching for resources.

If you need help selecting native plants for your area, contact your local native plant societies. I have constructed a page, Native Gardening Tools, on my website that has links to many native plant resources for all 50 states as well.

Let’s get our shovels and start digging in for change! Want a little more? 



2 thoughts on “Plant it Forward

  1. Katy Pye says:

    Your list of where to find native plants in each state is a terrific resource. Thank you for putting it together!

    In California, a related site to Calflora is, which gives additional information on plant characteristics, species it may attract, and nurseries that may carry it. Easy to search by plant name or your address or zip code. Making it easy!

    Happy spring!

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