Caught in the Rain

We had a long anticipated rain yesterday, and many of our buzzing friends got caught in the storm before they could get home to take proper cover.  So, what do bees do in this case?

Bees seek refuge inside a flower and nestle in tight, riding the storm out with cold rain drops splashing all over them for as long as it takes for the storm to clear. Bees cannot fly with wet wings, and they cannot operate at low temperatures either.  With cold water hitting their bodies, they slow down, and must take cover for safety, lest being washed away by the cold rain waters rushing below them.

I was lucky to find five different species taking cover in the flowers of my front yard.  I wouldn’t have found them had I not gone out to look for them.  It’s amazing what you see when you are looking!  Check out the slide show below.  Look for the water droplets on the bees.


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5 thoughts on “Caught in the Rain

  1. Pat MacMillan says:

    Can we send you pictures for ID help?
    How can we do that. I sent a set of pictures by return to your outgoing email address but think that did not work. So how can we send you pictures.


  2. Betsy Goldstein says:

    These photos are so cool. I was outside and had a bee walking next to me under the shelter of the overhang on our roof. I brought him a flower with pollen and he went inside the flower. I looked and saw other bugs under the leaves. It is pretty cool to look at nature in all weather conditions. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

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