Mason Bees Are UP!

Today I shared the article I had written about Mason bees last year, and left for a meeting, only to return to, what is Christmas morning for every bee lover, Mason bees flying in my backyard, and more emerging!  It’s so much fun to watch them cut through their cocoons, and begin grooming.  They have the cutest little abdominal dance as they groom.


An eager male waits for love.  Poor guy will live a very short life, but his is an important role!


Vinca is the only bloom in my yard at this time, so I am always happy to see my mason bee residents take notice and indulge.



I opened up my nesting trays, because I spotted a dead mason bee blocking the entrance where these lovely ladies had already emerged.  I’m happy I opened it up; what a nice surprise!  The yellow powder is unconsumed pollen-nectar bundles, and the clay-like discs were the doors between each developing bee.  All three of the bees you see here are females; males are much smaller, and have a lot more hair around the head and face.


This little lady is grooming before her life commences, beginning with finding a worthy mate.  I always think it’s amazing they find each other the way they fly all over the place, and how few of them there are to begin with!   I’m hoping for another successful nesting season…please bees.

If you have a native bee house or block, get them up now so you can offer a home to Mason bees.  Many more native bees will be flying soon!

Thank you for joining the movement to save our bees.