Colorado’s New Network


I feel a lot like this little wood boring bee.  I have been so wrapped up in my many projects, I’ve descended into a tunnel and lost touch with all of you! Where did I disappear to?

I have been rather busy lately, working on a very important local project, along with many others that seem equally important, leading me deeper into my tunnel of focus.  However, the project I’m about to write  about is all about generating more awareness on the local level in hopes of generating changes in personal habits.

It all began when I went to the Colorado Pollinator Summit in Boulder, CO, last summer.  The summit consisted of break out sessions of small groups with differing opinions on topics related to pollinators.  Soon after the summit a steering committee was formed, and the birth of a network occurred, Colorado Pollinator Network. This network consists of over 100 different organizations, businesses, scientists, and some individuals, all with a vision to make a positive impact on the health of pollinators.  The steering committee then formed 5 sub-committees, which can be seen in the attached newsletter.

I am the Co-chair of the Education and Outreach Workgroup, and my workgroup is a group of wonderfully busy bees! We are working on a huge undertaking of establishing the first annual Colorado Pollinator Month beginning this June.  This means we are working to pull all sorts of entities into the happenings of that month.  We see opportunities in libraries, book stores, summer camps, restaurants, specialty shops (chocolate, tea, coffee, soap, etc), nurseries, parks and rec, on farms, and the list goes on!

Why June? Well, June is when National Pollinator Week occurs, and many people are becoming more aware of this week, and it is a time when pollinators are very active, because many flowers are in full bloom.   This makes June a prime opportunity to educate people about the pollinators they can see flying from flower to flower.  We thought expanding around that week, and making it a month-long concerted effort across the state to raise awareness might just leave a mark in the hearts and minds of Coloradans, and all who come here to visit! Now that’s the action I love to pursue with all my energy!

So, to my loyal readers and followers, I do apologize for not being as active writing blog posts lately.  I will be better in the coming weeks, as things begin to settle into more of a routine.

HERE IS THE CPN NEWSLETTER so you can see the bigger picture of what it is all about, and maybe you’ll be inspired to do something too, whether it is in Colorado, or in your home state.

If you are in Colorado, and I do mean anywhere in Colorado, and you would like to help make Colorado Pollinator Month a success, please contact me via email at  I can send you a letter of suggested ways to get involved that will fit into your everyday operations, and if you have your own ideas, please do share so we can publicize that on our upcoming website.

Additionally, I will be at the Denver Metro People and Pollinators Action Network on Monday, February 27th from 7-8:30pm to discuss Colorado Pollinator Month. HERE’S A LINK TO MORE INFO.

As always, thank you for joining the movement to save our bees!