The Hungry Honeybee: A Children’s Book


My book is finally up for sale on Amazon!  I wrote and illustrated this children’s book with educating youth about how to care for bees in mind.  It is written for preschool up through elementary age groups, and it comes with a substantial packet of wildflower seeds fit to feed a multitude of pollinators! Kids will get a kick out of this gift set.  Follow this link to get yours today!  If you’d like to help us rank well on Amazon, first go to Amazon, then type in The Hungry Honeybee in the search browser, and then my book will pop up for you to click on.  This helps us get more exposure on Amazon, and I do thank you in advance for doing it this way, as it takes a little more of your time:)  I hope you enjoy it!!

Cheers to the movement to save our bees!




2 thoughts on “The Hungry Honeybee: A Children’s Book

    • thebeeswaggle says:

      Ellyn, I can provide some discount depending on how many you plan to order. I apologize for the delay. I missed this message until now. The best way to reach me is via email: If you email me your thoughts on how many books you think you’d like to order, I can give you some estimates. Thank you for your interest.


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