‘Tis A Season of Rescues


Above is me with the swarm I helped rescue from a tree.  It was the size of a soccer ball! They are now two brood boxes deep, and I’ll be looking to add a super soon.

I have had a fun season of bee rescues this year! It all began with a swarm of honeybees early June.  These ladies are enjoying their new home, and I am enjoying watching them make “bee lines” to and from the hive.  


Above is the first bumblebee colony I rescued.  There are currently six young sisters in this colony.  It was a very small colony to begin with (2-3″ in diameter).

July brought two bumblebee colony rescues. One colony thought it appropriate to set up shop inside a chicken coop, and the queen paid the price for that choice, but the small colony is happily residing in a small breadbox in my backyard!


Above is the second bumblebee colony I rescued; a much larger colony than the first (14″ long x 6″ wide).  The box is the new luxury apartment we built for them the night we rescued them. 

The second bumblebee rescue was from the crawlspace of a townhouse! It was dark, and riddled with spiders, some of which had bumblebees entangled in their webs! This colony was often lost trying to find their way to the outdoors to forage, and would end up inside the townhouse, destined to starve to death, very sad.  It easily has 100 bumblebees!  This colony is now in a luxury apartment in my backyard, surrounded by lots of different types of flowers. They seem quite happy, and I am happy to have them in a safer place! I know I will have tomatoes this year thanks to these buzz pollinating geniuses!  Here’s a link to the video of the latest bumblebee colony I rescued.

Thank you for joining the movement to learn more about bees!