A Colorado Spring

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Could a girl ask for any more color or variety of life? It’s such a beautiful time of the year and so many things are waking up, including pollinators!

Don’t forget to plant more flowers this year, and make sure they are a different variety than what you already have. This will attract even more pollinators to your yard!  So far, I have seen Andrena (mining bees), bumble bees of two varieties, mason bees, and evidence of leafcutter bees, hummingbirds, wasps, hover flies, beetles, and of course honeybees.  

I nearly killed the biggest wasp I’ve ever seen when I went to put my flip flops on and there it was! It was nestled on the toe strap, and it didn’t even move when I nearly crushed it.  As it turns out she is a Bald Faced Hornet. She had just emerged from her hibernating phase. These wasps will lay eggs and develop a eusocial operation as bumble bees do, and mated queens will hibernate and wake the following spring to repeat the cycle.  They can be aggressive if you are near their nest, obviously, so observe with respect.

I was so lucky to have seen her! She is just beautiful! Check out this video!