Just say NO to pesticides

No Longer a BIG mystery is an excellent, quick read, explaining why pesticides are under so much scrutiny.  Our food resources are at risk, because pollinators are struggling to survive, and it is undeniable that their struggle is due to pesticides.

There is a strong case against pesticide use regarding pollinators, but what does this mean for our health?  What are pesticides doing to humans, as we eat foods that have been sprayed or even have pesticides circulating throughout?  If pesticides are poison to pollinators, and this group includes birds, and birds are mammals, so are we, then what makes us think we can just dismiss pesticides as a potential threat to human health?

Have a look at this article and spend some time thinking about habits you may be willing to change to make this situation a better one for all of us.


Cheers to joining the movement!