Colorado Native Plants for Pollinators

Hello! I thought it would be beneficial to share with you a list I have compiled to plan for Colorado yards!

I did some research to construct a garden consisting of food for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds in Colorado. I also wanted a group of plants that would bloom at varying times to provide food for pollinators from Spring to Fall. This is a wonderful selection to produce color from spring until late fall. And you will be a food provider to bees and other pollinators in all three seasons!

I will help you go native with the following list:

Valley Lavender

Turkish veronica

Salvia (red or purple)

Bee balm

Dalmation daisy

Catmint (bees of all sizes congregate on this plant)

Hissop/Agastache (of any variety, especially the red ones)



Hummingbird trumpet mint

Chocolate flower

Smooth blue aster

Cashmere sage

Blanket Flower

Russian sage


A big vegetable garden

And, please do add some Sunflowers to your landscape every Spring! They are beautiful and provide many pollinators with food. Some of the above flowering plants may also be native to your area if you are outside of Colorado. A great resource for everyone is 

It isn’t too early to begin planning for spring’s planting list!

If you like to plant seeds, bbbseed company based out of Boulder, has some wonderful native seed mixes that produce beautiful flowers all three seasons too!

Come join the movement and help our pollinators!!