Bees and Holly


Bees bring holly berries through pollination! What a great story to hang on your holiday tree!

‘Tis the season to show our loved ones our love by showing up to holiday parties, exchanging gifts, or simply exchanging hugs and gratitude.  I am so very grateful for all of my loved ones, and can’t imagine a life without them, and this includes the bees of our planet, of course.

2016 has been a year of expanding The Bees Waggle.  We have worked to develop new products, Jessica has written a children’s book, and she even managed to write up two school curriculums!  The Bees Waggle is now part of two non-profit organizations in Colorado: People and Pollinators Action Network (PPAN) and Bee Safe Boulder.  The opportunities have blossomed this year, and we are very grateful for everything!  We thank all of you for supporting our small business centered around conservation of bees.  We hope to impress you more in 2017 with the new ventures we have planned.  Well, that’s enough about us, what about bees?

One very important icon of this season is holly berries, and guess what, bees bring holly berries into existence!

Holly berries begin as small white flowers awaiting pollination via insects.  Bees are always searching for the complete meal flowers contain, consisting of both pollen (protein packed), and nectar (simple carbohydrates).


Holly flowers are no exception to this rule, so bees visit them, and in doing so, pollinate these flowers, thus transforming them into berries!


Birds and other species then feed on these berries, thanks to the work of bees.  We sometimes use holly to decorate for the holidays, or simply plant it, in the form of bushes or trees, in our yards and appreciate the red and green combination come fall.

Just when you think a bee’s job is limited to the warm months of the year, here comes another lesson of interconnectedness.  img_4929A bee’s job is evidenced throughout the seasons, and brings good things to many different species of animals! We should take care to preserve their existence in return! 

Thank you for joining the movement to save our bees, both native and honey!

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Bees Waggle!