Garden fresh eats thanks to bees!

Today was a fantastic day to go out and harvest some goodies from my small backyard garden. It is October!!

This year was one of the best years spent in my backyard, because I was keyed into the various bees paying daily visits to my gardens. I have lots of flowers, for the sake of flowers, and a veggie garden, for the sake of good eats!! My husband and I worked together to build the small plot and I started many of my plants inside from seed. I had very high hopes of getting lots of great food from my backyard!

The biggest challenge was carving out enough sunshine for the plants to flower, and once we achieved that, we have been enjoying the delicious splendor of garden fresh tomatoes while we wait for others to develop into edible fruits from flowers!  Kale has been my best grower all season, and I love kale, so kudos for us! Now tomatillos are finally getting big enough to harvest, and they make the best addition to fresh salsa!

Throughout the spring and summer I spent many mornings in my backyard observing bees come and go from flower to flower.  I had bumblebees (of at least two species), leafcutter bees, sweat bees, honey bees, carpenter bees (both big and small), mining bees, wool carder bees, mason bees, and many other pollinators coming to my plethora of floral food.

Four years ago we didn’t have this kind of entertainment in my yard; it was very quiet and green with rocks as the highlight, boring!  We worked every spring to plant more flowering plants, and soon we experienced butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and this beautiful blooming rainbow!  If you plant the forage they need for survival, they will come, and if you provide shelter, they will stay.  My garden would not be giving us the produce it has without the bees very diligently feeding on every flower. We need bees for the tastiest fresh foods to come into fruition (no pun intended).  I encourage you to make a plan to plant more organic flowers in your yard next spring, and then set up a place for solitary bees to take shelter.  

I also strongly recommend planting a veggie garden for you to enjoy and reap the benefits of becoming a good host to bees!