You say dragonfly, I say….damselfly


I would say damselfly! I hadn’t heard of this insect until I tried to identify what kind of “dragonfly” this was in my backyard. As it turns out, it isn’t a dragonfly at all!  In flight they look the same, but up close, they are easily distinguishable.



A damselfy I captured in my own backyard!

If you look closely, you will notice the size and placement of the eyes. Damselflies have separated eyes on the sides of their heads, whereas dragonflies have eyes that touch each other at the midsection of the tops of their heads.



A dragonfly I caught perched on a sign at Denver Botanic Gardens a few years ago.


The damselfly in my backyard a few days ago.

Additionally, damselflies have forewings that match the size of their hind-wings. Dragonflies have different sized hind-wings and forewings. 

The wonderful trait these two insects do share is an appetite for mosquitos!! When I took these pictures, this damselfly was hunting for mosquitos! It would wait patiently, ready for immediate flight, and when an oblivious morsel would fly by, it would jump right into flight and CHOMP that meal right out of thin air!  The poor mosquito never saw it coming!  I realized I have a chemical free mode of mosquito control right in my backyard!  Wouldn’t it be nice to cultivate that?

Well, I found a great site that tells you how to do just that! Here is the link (NWF) if you are interested in learning more about hosting these wonderful insects in your own yard.

Insects are extremely important to our survival! In this instance they are protecting us from diseases spread by mosquitos by eating them! The added bonus is, they are absolutely beautiful and entertaining to watch!

That’s all for this week’s movement post! Thank you for following us and joining this very important movement!