Carbondale, CO

Good morning and Happy Tuesday everyone! I am in Carbondale, CO this week watching my cutest little niece, along with my cutest little girls.

We have already had the opportunity to walk around town, and while were doing so, I noticed the abundance of front yard flower gardens here. Many of the downtown medians are also filled with native flowers! The local pollinators must be very happy!

My hope for Highlands Ranch, CO, is to bring the front yard flower gardens into popularity. I hope we can reduce the amount of grassy front yards, and increase the amount of native flowering plants in front yards. It is aesthetically pleasing, and entertaining, if you sit and watch for any amount of time. This has been my experience, with my own backyard, that the more native flowering plants I have, the more local pollinator visitors I have! It is absolutely therapeutic and rewarding!

There is a real cause and effect to planting native flowering plants, and I urge everyone, in Colorado, and beyond to give it a try! Please do send pictures and stories of what you experience as a result of this wonderful endeavor.