Oh the bees we will see….

I thought this week would be a great time to post quick reviews of the native bees I have written about thus far.  Simplicity is often way more effective at communicating information, and I do want you all to understand these little insects who make a huge impact on our day-to-day lives!

Mason Bee Quick Facts



One more...I might be a little obsessed

Colorado Mason Bee taken by me!

Excellent pollinators

Active in early spring to summer

Nest in vacated holes

Don’t make honey

Use mud for egg cells

You can be a good host to these bees by hosting a mason bee house in your yard, which we sell in our store (please see The Bees Waggle Store link to the right of this post).  Position the house near mud and flowers, facing southward in early spring.

These bees are very busy working alone to build a family of bees to hatch next Spring, and have no interest in terrorizing people. You can even stand by the house and watch these bees closely while they work hard to finish their job for the season.

Plant lots of flowers and don’t use pesticides or herbicides please!

The more bee friendly habitats we have in our own yards, the more bees we will have to continue pollinating our delicious fruits and vegetables.  I cannot imagine a world without the variety of produce we now have because of bees.

Thank you for joining the movement!