Nursing my house back to life through gardening


In February of 2011 we purchased our house looking like this…such a sad house, needing lots of TLC.


In June of 2011 I got busy with the shovel and planted too many plants to even remember how many, including a cute little apple tree.


In 2012 we simply enjoyed what we had sewed and the above picture was taken in 2013. Our little apple tree had grown and produced apples all three years, not even kidding! We have a healthy population of pollinators around here!



In 2013 the backyard became my project. It was as barren as the front yard had been back in 2011. So, I got busy with the shovel and planted way too many plants to count, and here is the result (pictures above). I added some pots with various flowers in each, and my yard sprung to life! It was amazing!! I saw bees of many species, butterflies, and my absolute favorite, hummingbirds!



In 2014 we painted our house and reaped the rewards from all the hard work in previous years.

This year I look forward to building some vegetable garden beds in the back and sewing more seeds to benefit all the pollinators that frequent my yard. I do wish I could have this warm weather all year round, but winter has it’s perks too, like sledding and hot cocoa!

What I love most about gardening is the guarantee that you will reap the rewards, and it will amount to the sweat equity you put into it.  Please do share your gardening successes with us at The Bees Waggle.

Happy gardening!