My garden list for this year!

I am ready to start seeds now! I will begin the process in April, so tune in! In the meantime, here is the list of flowers I plan to plant in my garden  this year. I may add more once I have visited the local nursery…those beautiful blooms are irresistible! I have included some I already have (*) as a guide for you, enjoy!  Remember to go organic with seeds and bulbs. We need to protect our pollinating friends from pesticides.

Bee Balm *


Sunflowers *


Coneflower *

Strawberries *

Raspberries *


Butterfly bush


Snapdragons *

Roses *



Lavendar *

Hyacinth (This one is a bulb and will be in a pot until Fall. Easter is a great time to pick up a few as they are often sold at grocery stores)

Catmint *


I have chosen flowers based on how well they do in Colorado. We have been very pleased with peonies as well. They are beautiful and bloom early. I also have daffodils in my front yard, which was given to me in a pot one Easter and I decided to plant them in the ground; worked like a charm! Anyway, I will stop rambling now. If you feel so inclined, please share what you are planting this Spring.  I would love to hear.