Starting Seeds!

Today I am beginning to plan and research what seeds I will start indoors for my pollinating pals. I will post a stepwise process for those of you who have not done this before and would like a simple strategy to follow.

STEP 1:  Plan. I am doing a veggie garden and flowers this year. So, I will begin with determining when I should start each seed based on my planting zone.  I want to have blooms ready for my pollinating pals when the weather warms up enough for them to be active. They will be hungry and I would love for my yard to be THE place to feed for them. Please join me in the process of planning. You can go all out and plant a multitude of seeds or just select a few good flowers for pollinators. Every little step counts and will contribute to the greater good of our pollinators, our food, and our planet.  Please share what you are planning; I would love to join you on your seed starting journey!